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Nilesh Patel, MD


Nilesh Patel, MD is a Managing Partner of Premier Business and has nearly 20 years of healthcare investing experience.

He has played a leadership role in building several market-leading companies, including Quantum Medical Imaging, IPA, BioAgilytix, IZI Medical, Dominion Diagnostics, Pilgrim Quality Solutions, Allied Dental and Tegra Medical.
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David Jahns

Account manager

Mr. Jahns is a Managing Partner of Galen Partners. With over 25 years of experience in building healthcare companies.

He is passionate about working collaboratively with innovative management teams to create novel solutions that improve healthcare quality and safety for patients while reducing the cost of delivery to the system. With experience in over 70 growth equity investments.

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Judith Starkey

Special Investment Partner

For the last twenty-two years, Ms. Starkey has served as Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Chamberlin Edmonds & Associates, Inc.

A former Galen Partners Company. Chamberlin Edmonds is a financial services firm designed to locate government reimbursement for previously uninsured, medically indigent patients. The Company completed its successful sale in May of 2008.

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